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Natural horsemanship is a philosophy of training horses that focuses on building a positive experience with your horse through partnership rather than fear and intimidation. It uses the principles of natural herd communication and equine behavior to position you as your horse's leader.  It is a journey where you put yourself in the horse's world rather than try to adapt the horse to yours. 

The Result: You become empowered with the savvy to teach your horse and solve behavioral challenges. In addition, you have a horse that is braver, safer, more responsive and more athletic. You end up with the relationship with your horse that you have dreamed of.

Although not affiliated with any natural horsemanship organizations, the NWNHC endorses and promotes these learning systems for their excellent results:

- Parelli Natural Horsemanship

- Jonathan Field Horsemanship

- Downunder Horsemanship

- Centered Riding

The Center also has its own training, colt starting les, as well as conducts natural horsemanship classes in Foundational Horsemanship (HS101), Beginning Driving (DR101) and In-Hand Driving (DR102).