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Natural Horsemanship Camps

What parents are saying...



Selected quotes from the Evening Magazine Best of Western Washington nomination:


Posted by: Chris119

They give so much to the kids, with the horses, and arts, and crafts. Every moment the children spend there is amazing for them.


Posted by: jslr

My niece has mild special needs and the staff was skilled and effective with her. This program puts the development and safety of children and horses as its main priority and the facility is well-designed and well-managed. It's the first horse camp I would recommend.


Posted by: pocket341

The NWNHC kids camp offers a diverse program for its students. The kids really get to know the horses, have a great time doing art projects, and learning the ins and outs of owning a horse. The camp is in a nice location too since its so easy to get to from I-90.


Posted by: kmcdonnell

My daughter had a great time there meeting new friends, doing art and learning to ride. The program does a great job of learning how to communicate with the horse with respect and understanding, taking their time to do a lot of "ground work" before jumping on to ride.


Posted by: jakelucy

My daughter has been to other horse camps and she said this is by far the BEST camp in this area. You are with the horses longer during the day, LOVED learning how to work with a horse naturally, not making them do something, but learning games that make it fun for both the horse, and you!! The horses are happier and happy to see you each day, wanting to do more fun games.


Posted by: PattiandHank

We think this is a GREAT camp. I am a Home Daycare provider and I have recommended it to all my kids.  The ones that have gone have loved it. My own grown daughter even worked at the camp a few times and wanted to be one of the campers!


Posted by: kimcmd

This kids natural horsemanship camp is awesome! The kids learn to handle the horses naturally and have so much fun doing it. The arts and crafts are fabulous too. It has been the highlight of my daughters summers the last 2 years.


Posted by: Kathy97

The Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center is a spacious, wonderfully laid out facility that teaches kids about handling horses through language, kindness and leadership. These are wonderful life lessons that will stay with them, not only in their future relationships with animals but with people as well.


Posted by: bekhorse

A fully integrated program of horse care, handling, safety, riding and art, well managed, beautiful environment.