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NWNHC is a distributor of Dynamite specialty horse feeds and supplements. 



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Natural Horsemanship Equipment
NWNHC Store - Same high quality materials and construction as the clinician brands, but at significant savings.  Bareback pads, equipment replacement parts, leads, strings, halters, sticks and more..
Original Parelli - Excellent quality and wide selection for all your needs.  Halters, hacamores, lead ropes, carrot sticks, bridles, bits, TheraFlex pads, bareback pads, self-study kits and much more!
Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship USA - The official website of Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship.
Centered Riding Inc. - A nonprofit educational organization established to qualify instructors, teach, maintain, and promote Centered Riding as developed by Sally Swift.
The Natural Horse - A publication focused on humane and natural care for horses and other animals.
Quality Vendors & Friends
Grange Supply - Full line of tack, horse feeds, supplements and supplies for the equestrian lifestyle.  145 NE Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, Wash.
Dynamite Performance Horse Feed & Supplements - Quality natural feed and nutritional supplements for horses, humans and other animals.  Available through NWNHC.  Contact us to order