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The Center conducts lessons for students age eight and older who wish to learn how to build a respectful partnership with their horse and learn to ride with balance and lightness.  In addition to a basic curriculum for children, we specialize in addressing the unique needs of the adult student who may be getting back into horses or fulfilling a life-long dream.  We also specialize in providing instruction for boys and men that is designed for a male's learning style and life experience.


Using natural horsemanship and Centered Riding techniques students build a positive relationship with the horse through leadership, not force and intimidation.  Our instruction is a comprehensive program that starts on the ground and works its way into the saddle.  It is not just about riding.  It seeks to build a well-rounded horse person who not only understands the techniques, but the mind and spirit of the horse. 


As humans, we have to learn to put ourselves in the horses world and learn to speak their "language" in order to have a relationship that is respectful, safer and pleasurable. 


Lessons are by the session (1 - 1 1/2 hours).  We believe that a lesson ends when it is good for the horse and the human, not when the clock strikes the hour.  Students and parents should budget approximately two hours to prepare properly for a lesson and anticipate minor changes in starting time and lesson length.  When you arrive you move to "horse time" where horse and human live in the moment.

Lessons are customized for each student and include foundational instruction, advanced horsemanship, beginning riding, advanced riding (Western and English), and pleasure/trail riding.  We believe in a well-rounded horse education, so students should anticipate study both with the horse and in the classroom. You can use your horse, one of ours, or lease a horse that you can use outside of lesson times. 



Private     $60 per session

Semi-Private  $45 per person, per session (you and a friend)


 What students and parents are saying:

"Hutch, thank you so much for all you do for my daughter.  She is having so much fun and her confidence is growing, not just with horses, but elsewhere. The professionalism, gentle encouragement and thorough approach impress me greatly and are truly making a difference in my daughter's life. Many thanks for all you do!"  

Ron P., Parent


"Thank you sooooo much for the great lessons!!!

I am learning a tremendous amount and having fun as well.

You are an excellent teacher!!!"

Sandi O., Adult Student


"My daughter and son have taken lessons from NWNHC for years. Their horses are great and my kids learned more and more as they worked with different horses and continued to learn. I have never felt the kids were unsafe. The opposite, and a very nice community for them to be part of. As my daughter has continued to progress, it is great to see her confidence with herself and with her horse."

Colleen L., Parent


"Thanks so much, Hutch, for fostering in our girls empathy, leadership, and self-confidence through natural Horsemanship and for listening to them and empowering their self expression!"

Tracey K, Parent

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Contact us for more information and available lesson times.




Foundational Training

The NWNHC staff has helped scores of new and experienced horse owners create a horse that is respectful, safer, smarter and more athletic.  Whether the horse is young or old, they are taught to yield lightly to pressure, respect space, remain calm around movement and noise, stand quietly for grooming and hoof care, understand common gaits, transitions and basic riding "signals," and much, much more.


Foundational training provides a jump start for the horse owner's life-long journey with their horse.  Breeders look to the Center's training to prepare "green broke" horses for sale.  


The training is not just about the horse.  The human owner is an integral part of the process and is required to join-in at least once per week to observe and learn the techniques that will be required to maintain and advance the training once they are back at home.


Following an evaluation session, a customized program is outlined for the horse and human.  Realistic goals are set and a plan of action is established.  The minimum time frame for training is 30 days.  The number of training sessions per week will vary based on budget and need.  Horses are given regular days off during the training to allow them to process their learning and rest from particularly challenging sessions.


What customers are saying:

"I am so pleased with Zorro and his progress.  I will need to bring my other ponies over for their training when the time arises."   more>>

Elise Miller

Snohomish, Wash


I would highly recommend NWNHC for anyone interested in high quality natural horsemanship training and instruction."    more>>

S. Dodd

Snohomish, Wash.


"NWNHC is a great place to bring your horse. Marc and I enjoyed the colt start this summer. After working with each horse he was able to help us set up a training program to continue when we got home.    more>>

W. Dinnerstein



Starting at $650 per month (varies by frequency and trainer)

Horse board additional



Colt Starting & Restarting

The Center provides colt starting and restarting.  All horses are started with respectful, gentle techniques. They are taught to be respectful of space, accept the saddle and rider, yield to basic leg and rein commands and move softly off direct and indirect pressure. They will also be introduced to controlled walk, trot and canter and taught to accept the halter and hackamore in preparation for introduction of a bit and bridle at a later date.   


The human owner is an integral part of the process and is required to join-in at least once per week to observe and learn the techniques that will be required to maintain and advance the training once they are back at home.



Start & 30-Day Training $750

Horse board additional


Contact us for more information and available training dates