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Matney Cook



Matney has been working and riding horses pretty much her whole life. Her early years were spent caring for horses and learning to train and ride with her inspiration, mentor and mom, Terri Cook, who was an early promoter and instructor of natural horsemanship here in the Pacific Northwest.


Along the way, her influences and heart-centered connection with horses prompted her to become a Ken McNabb Certified Master Trainer and the youngest person ever accepted into the Human-Equine Alliances for Learning (HEAL) equine facilitated learning program. Currently, she is working towards certification as a PATH International Equine Specialist and therapeutic riding instructor.


In addition to her work in Equine Facilitated Learning, Matney has been teaching children and adults and training client horses through her business Hoofbeat Attunement. She has also worked as a horse camp wrangler, counselor and curriculum development specialist.


Here at the Center, Matney teaches lessons for kids and adults and assists in training client horses.


You may also find Matney at your local music venue, festival or pub sharing her love of music as a talented lead singer and guitarist.