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Click on the names below to learn more about some of the instructors who teach at NWNHC and clinicians who join us regularly.
Instructors & Trainers  

Jim Hutchins


- Dir. of Education

  1. - Instructor


  3. - Trainer

Matney Cook


- Instructor


- Trainer


- EFL Specialist


Visiting Clinicians & Instructors  
Anna Twinney is founder of Reach Out To Horses (ROTH).  Anna takes a holistic approach to horsemanship focusing on energy connection, animal communication and time-proven natural horsemanship techniques. Terry Wilson Parelli 3-Star Instructor/Trainer, Young & Difficult Horse Specialist.  One of the most sought-after horse development specialists in the Parelli program.
Alice Trindle of T&T Horsemanship is a longtime Oregon clinician and mentor that specializes in integrating the principles of classic European dressage and Doma Vaquera horsemanship.

Craig Cameron

Extreme Cowboy Race, Reining, Western Horsemanship


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