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NWNHC Training

What customers are saying...


"I am very thankful that I brought my Fell Pony to the NW Natural Horsemanship Center.  This was the direction in horsemanship that I was looking for.  Both Hutch and Lillan have been extremely helpful in restarting my troubled Fell Pony.  They have given him guidance and leadership without micromanaging him.  They have both always tried to show him his responsibility by opening doors for him to figure out, rather than forcing him into submission.  My pony is the happiest that I have seen him.  He is safe, soft, relaxed, and most of all happy.  What a transformation for the better, and in a way that makes sense. Thank you for this wonderful experience and showing both my pony and I a better way!"
Elise Miller

Moonlit Fell Pony Farm

Snohomish, WA



"My horse turned out to have a more challenging and complex temperament than I initially thought. I am happy with his progress at NWNHC. I feel very comfortable there, the boarders were very friendly, and he received good care. I would highly recommend NWNHC for anyone interested in high quality natural horsemanship training and instruction."

S. Dodd

Snohomish, Wash



"NWNHC is a great place to bring your horse. Marc and I enjoyed the colt start this summer. We brought three horses, each one at a different place in their development. Terry worked with each horse and found the holes and helped that horse out. After working with each horse he was able to help us set up a training program to continue when we got home.

Terry exemplifies the Parelli Principles and is patient and gentle yet, a firm leader. This is awesome to see. We have two young fillies we plan to bring this year. Whether you need a great start on your young horses or a do-over with a horse that didn't get the proper start, you will go home with confidence you have the proper start to a relationship with your horse--one that will develop into a great partnership.

The staff and great facility were also a major component that made this experience so successful. NWNHC is a great facility with all the amenities.  Plenty of trails, playground, arena, and all the tools for preparing your horse. We were able to go out on the trotting trails with our horses the last two days. Nothing better than that to build confidence in both us and our horses. Hutch was very helpful and professional. He runs his business with focus and a love for horses and people."

W. Dinnerstein

W-One Curly Horse Farm

Lyle, Wash.